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9789351300397Abiotic Stress and BiotechnologyEBT PullaiahRs 9270.002013
9788189233877Abiotic Stress and BiotechnologyHBPullaiah, TRs 1500.002013
9788187498742Advances in Agricultural BiotechnologyHBHarikumar, V SRs 995.002016
9789351307631Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable DevelopmentEBPullaiah TRs 7390.002016
9788189233938Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable DevelopmentHBPullaiah, TRs 1495.002015
9788189233495Enzyme AssaysHBSingh, AbhilashaRs 4995.002016
9789352220106Genes Genomes and Genomics in 2 Vols.HBThangadurai, D, W TaRs 2495.002016
9789352220113Genetic Resources and Biotechnology in 3 Vols.HBThangadurai, D et alRs 5995.002016
9789383048526Plant Tissue Culture: Emerging TrendsEBT PullaiahRs 7085.002013
9788189233693Plant Tissue Culture: Emerging TrendsHBPullaiah, TRs 1295.002016
9788189233228Recent Trends in BiotechnologyHBRama Swamy, N & T PuRs 1195.002018
9788189233815Textbook of Biosystematics Theory and PracticalsHBPullaiah, TRs 895.002013
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