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9789351300397Abiotic Stress and BiotechnologyEBT. PullaiahRs 9270.002013
9788189233877Abiotic Stress and BiotechnologyHBPullaiah, T.Rs 1500.002013
9788187498742Advances in Agricultural BiotechnologyHBHarikumar, V. S.Rs 995.002016
9789351307631Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable DevelopmentEBPullaiah TRs 7390.002016
9788189233938Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable DevelopmentHBPullaiah,l T.Rs 1495.002015
9788189233457Biotechnology for Food Agriculture and Environment Vol 1HBDevarajan ThangaduraRs 1595.002018
9788189233495Enzyme AssaysHBSingh, AbhilashaRs 4995.002016
9789352220106Genes Genomes and Genomics in 2 Vols.HBThangadurai, D. & TaRs 2495.002016
9788189233389Genes Genomes and Genomics Vol 1HBThangadurai, D. & TaRs 995.002006
9788189233570Genes Genomes and Genomics Vol 2HBThangadurai, D. & TaRs 995.002007
9789352220113Genetic Resources and Biotechnology in 3 Vols.HBThangadurai, D. & PuRs 5995.002016
9788189233099Genetic Resources and Biotechnology Vol 1HBThangadurai, D. & PuRs 1295.002005
9788189233150Genetic Resources and Biotechnology Vol 2HBThangadurai, D. & PuRs 1295.002005
9788189233280Genetic Resources and Biotechnology Vol 3HBThangadurai, D. & PuRs 1295.002005
9789383048526Plant Tissue Culture: Emerging TrendsEBT PullaiahRs 7085.002013
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