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9788187498438All Great Truths Being as Blasphemies-Jinn-Who Are they?HBChaudhary, Shahid A.Rs 80.002001
9789352220120Constraint and Challenges to Social Science Research in North-East IndiaHBL. S. Gassah, C. J. Rs 1395.002017
9788189233068Cooperative Capitalism: A Blueprint for Global Peace and Prosperity (PB)PBJ W SmithRs 200.002005
9788186030738Cosmic Flashes(PB)PBRuhela, S. P.Rs 100.001998
9788186030783Great Mystic Saints of The World (Pbk)PBSpencer, Yogi M. K. Rs 100.001998
9788187498643Harassed Husbands (Second Revised Edition)HBKusumRs 200.002003
9788187498636In Search of Praxis theology for the NagasHBNuh, V. K.Rs 595.002003
9789383048274Issues in Ethics and Animal RightsEBVyas, Manish ARs 9100.002013
9788189233686Issues in Ethics and Animal RightsHBVyas, Manish ARs 1600.002011
9789352220076Philosophy of Edmund HusserlHBThoibisana, AkoijamRs 695.002016
9788187498087Philosophy of History: Some Reflections on North East IndiaHBDaniel, S. C.Rs 195.002000
9788186030288Probation: Philosophy Law and PracticeHBRaina, S. C.Rs 495.001996
9788187498278Problems from PlatoHBDaniel, S. C.Rs 200.002001
9788186030431Some Central Problems in Hume's PhilosophyHBDaniel, S. C.Rs 595.001997
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