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9788187498469Agra Shikhar Varta: Ek Rachnatamak PahelHBTyagi, AnupamRs 160.002001
9788187498704Bharat Pakistan SambandhHBTyagi, AnupamRs 995.002004
9788186030196Coalition Politics in North East IndiaHBPakem, BRs 495.001999
9788189233181Coming Out of Violence: Essays on Ethnicity Conflict Resolution and Peace Process in North East indiaHBHussain, MonirulRs 1395.002018
9788187498452Commissions and Omissions by Indian Presidents and their Conflicts With the Prime Ministers Under the Constitution in 2 VolumeHBJai, Janak RajRs 1450.002001
9788186030257Commissions and Omissions By Indian Prime Ministers in 2 VolsHBJai, Janak RajRs 1695.001996
9788187498872Commissions and Omissions in the Administration of JusticeHBJai, Janak RajRs 1300.002003
9788189233235Conflict to Reconstruction: Some Observations on Nagaland and ManipurHBGopalakrishnan, R & Rs 350.002005
9789352220205Emergency Excesses: A Daylight Robbery of Human Rights and JP- The Saviour (Rev. edn)HBJai, Janak RajRs 1595.002018
9788186030752Emerging Trends of Indian PolityHBPylee, M VRs 100.001998
9788186030516Ethnicity in Manipur: Experiences Issues and PerspectivesHBZehol, LucyRs 225.001998
9788186030127Glimpses of Indian National Congress: From Inception to Attainment of Freedom (1885-1947)HBKundra, T NRs 495.001996
9788186030370Gowda Ahmadi: the Midnight Meet?HBJai, Janak RajRs 150.001996
9788186030769India and North East India: Mind Politics and the Process of Integration 1946-1950HBNag, SajalRs 995.001998
9788187498377Naga Resistance Movement: Prospects of Peace and Armed ConflictHBAosenbaRs 995.002016
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