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9788189233877Abiotic Stress and BiotechnologyHBPullaiah, T.Rs 1500.002013
9789351300397Abiotic Stress and BiotechnologyEBPullaiah, T.Rs 6600.002013
9788187498353Biodiversity in India Vol. 1HBPullaiah, T.Rs 1995.002002
9788187498711Biodiversity in India Vol. 2HBPullaiah, T.Rs 995.002003
9788187498940Biodiversity in India Vol. 3HBPullaiah, TRs 995.002004
9788189233204Biodiversity in India Vol. 4HBPullaiah, TRs 2495.002006
9788189233884Biodiversity in India Vol. 5EBPullaiah, TRs 6900.002013
9788189233716Biodiversity in India Vol. 5HBPullaiah, TRs 1300.002011
9788189233846Biodiversity in India Vol. 6HBPullaiah, T. & ReddyRs 1500.002013
9789351301318Biodiversity in India Vol. 6EBPullaiah, T. & ReddyRs 6700.002013
9788189233921Biodiversity in India Vol. 7HBRani, S. SandhyaRs 2795.002014
9789351303336Biodiversity in India Vol. 7EBPullaiah T & S. KarRs 8800.002014
9788189233938Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable DevelopmentHBPullaiah,l T.Rs 1495.002015
9789351307631Biotechnological Approaches for Sustainable DevelopmentEBPullaiah TRs 5300.002016
9788189233457Biotechnology for Food Agriculture and Environment Vol 1HBDevarajan ThangaduraRs 1595.002018
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